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having a nasty hit box on his arrows shots. Tassadar : After the stealth changes, Tassadar's Trait lost some of its value, especially when you also factor in the constant vision Hanzo affords. Top keyword related from Google/Bing/Yahoo of numbani tier list, load more, top URL related to numbani tier list. Hanzo : In the hands of a skilled hanzo players, this OW hero can be regarded as one of the Best Overwatch Heroes.

Kel'Thuzad : There's no denying his burst is outrageous, especially if he lands his Chains of Kel'Thuzad. Though this guide will always remain up to date there is a better list of all of our guides available on our. He's a much better off-tank than solo Warrior, but he can still fair well by himself with the right team around him. When he picks up The Bigger They Are at level 4, he can rip through opponents who are full health the moment he triggers his Trait.

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Very strong in the right hands, with a good draft around, her, she can carry fairly hard. Unsurprsingly this results in compositions for each map also requiring different approaches, as some maps play to the strengths of certain Heroes while others hinder them. Uther : One of the few Supports that can reliably punish Genji and Tracer (Hammer of Justice and Divine Storm Uther lacks sustain but offers excellent burst healing. His arrival into any team-fight that has already started often ensures he can sweep through, gaining easy kills. Ana : Despite her rework nerfing her almost across the board, Ana isn't a perfect Support.

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