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Salzgitter. In 1951, the city was renamed to "Stadt Salzgitter" (City of Salzgitter while the borough Salzgitter was renamed to "Salzgitter-Bad referring to the brine bath there. The monument tells about the suffering of the forced workers and concentration camp prisoners while building up industry during the national socialism, about the flight from home beyond the rivers Oder and Neisse, about the fight against the removal of the iron works and about. 2 This large subcamp held 2,800 inmates. Hanover, about 51 km (32 mi) to the northwest. The Council elects one of its members to Mayor (German: Oberbürgermeister ) as leader and representative of the city. Town twinnings Edit The City of Salzgitter is twinned to these cities and towns: Imatra, Finland, since 1970 Swindon, United Kingdom, since 1975 Créteil, France, since 1980 Stary Oskol, Russia, since 1987 Gotha, Germany, since 1988 Economy and infrastructure Edit Traffic Edit Road Edit. With 109,142 inhabitants and 223.94 km (as of its area is the largest in Lower Saxony and one of the largest. For the company of the same name, see. Esile tstetud hotellid, just broneeritud, vaadatud hiljuti teiste Agoda reisijate poolt. Salzgitter-Bad Vaatamisvärsused, avasta Salzgitter-Bad naabrus, leia endale ideaalne majutuse tüp, avaleht.

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Salzgitter-Thiede: Convent Steterburg, ladies' convent founded in 1003; there are still buildings from the 11th century. Each town has an elected mayor and town council. In 1830, a brine bath was established in Salzgitter. Salzgitter now belonged to the Landkreis (district) of Goslar and included, apart from Salzgitter itself, also some small settlements like Gittertor, which is nowadays part of Salzgitter-Bad. Furthermore, the local TV channel TV 38 is broadcasted by cable television. Services may include sitting services, specialized bedding elements mannheim and dog walking. In return, Braunschweig transferred the Landkreis Holzminden to the Prussian province of Hanover. After World War II, the military government of the British zone of occupation installed the communal constitution of Britain.