europa park near munich

invoiced: Vin Number: 65/0384P Date Built: mm/dd/1971 Date Invoiced: 9/17/1970 Engine 821-30/3803 Transmission 336-56/? 4 Speed Original color: L10 - Bahama Yellow Condition: Current color: Blue/orange In the process of restoration for road use. Photos B 71mmdd0863R Last Updated: 11/05 Thomas Smith Houston Texas USA As invoiced: Vin Number: 65/0863R Date Built: mm/dd/1971 Date Invoiced: 3/25/1971 Engine 821-30/1923 Transmission 336-56/? 4 Speed Original color: L07 - Lotus Yellow Condition: Current color: Orange Newly acquired. Has nice old JA Pearce mags which it came from the UK with. 1972 - Changed wheels to Astrali, tires to Goodyear. I posted a video of my europa a few monthes back on. Installed Shaw Aircraft Fuel Filler Caps on Sails. I have always wanted a car to fix up (project) and this one fell into my lap so I jumped. 4 Speed A 541420 Last Updated: 11/04 South Africa As invoiced: Vin Number: 54/1420 Date Invoiced: 5/12/1969 Engine 697-04/1444 Transmission 336-?/?

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europa park near munich

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4 Speed Original color: L07 - Lotus Yellow Condition: Stored 4 years For Sale reMarque 01/93 ast Updated: 10/06? Ast Updated: 10/22/14 Richard Ibrahim Brent Knoll Somerset United Kingdom As invoiced: Vin Number: 65/0052R Date Built: 2/5/1970 Date Invoiced: 5/5/1970 Engine 821-30/0858 Transmission 336-56/? The car remained dry in Arizona from the late uni ulm ferienplan 1970s till when it was sold to a Los Angeles based owner in the mid 1990s. Found a 32/32 Weber from.0L and installed. The original color was red and had a silver World Championship badge and strip along the mid waist of the rear engine section. Germany As invoiced: Vin Number: 54/1208 Date Invoiced: 1/29/1969 Engine 697-04/1316 Transmission 336-?/? Peter's Church, the oldest church in the old quarter, with the.

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