thor hammer printable template

popular superheroes like Iron Man, Captain America and the Hulk, as a member of the Avengers. Thor Coloring Pages to Print, thor Coloring Pages, thor Face Coloring Pages. Thor, the Superhero first made popular by the Marvel Comics, has now become one of the best-known comic book protagonists, featuring in multiple movies, kids series, as well as video games. Glue or double-sided tape, how To Make It, print the template on regular paper or card stock and cut out the pieces.

Thor's hammer symbol design coloring page, the Mjollnir. Align each helmet wing with its corresponding shaded semicircle and secure with glue or tape. Fold each wing in half along the dotted line, and secure so that the design is two-sided. Starting with the front of the helmet, make all folds along dotted lines away from you. Attach the sides of the hammer to the bottom of the hammer by securing the light blue tabs on the bottom of the hammer to the corresponding edges of each side piece. His super power hammer also serves as an interesting subject for a coloring sheet. Secure the straps when youre satisfied with the fit. Using glue or double-sided tape, secure all tabs to their corresponding pieces. Insert the toilet paper roll end of handle through the hole in the bottom of the hammer (printed side should be facing down). Three helmet straps have been provided.