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kann in zwei Minuten. Apply to: Wilfried Graper DJ6TK, Blucher Str. Ralf erzählt und öffnet das Fenster zum Wald. Internet: ml (Chg 9/2007) Halle Award Issued by the darc division Halle/Saale (DOK W19) of the darc for contacting stations in the the city of Halle/Saale after January 1st, 2001. A contact with a club station D13 is required. 133 km).10.18 Das Fahrzeug ist in einwandfreiem Zustand. Germans need 40 points. The aim is to contact station located in the area where the famous King Ludwig II lived. 117 km).10.18 CF Moto CForce 450 One Modell 2017 mit Handprotektoren, Griffheizung und Original CF Moto Schneeschild 1 Zylinder 4 Takt Motor, flüssigkeitgekühlt.

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quad hamm heessen

On VHF: contact 3 stations in the city of Leverkusen plus DL0IL and just as in HF, form the name of one of the partner cities. . Insgesamt stehen Ihnen 5 Quad's zur. 3.750,- D-57072 Siegen Seelbach (ca.

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Club stations DL0MFL and DF0JR 5 each. GCR list and fee of 10, US10 or 8 IRCs to: Hans Graf DF2MC, Jacques Offenbach Str. GCR list and fee.00 Euro or US8 to: Heinz-Bernd Meier DH3OAH, Danziger Str. The following DOK's may be used: A23 A46 B04 B05 B06 B07 B14 B17 B18 B24 B28 B29 B35 B37 F05 F16 F23 F38 F44 F49 F57 wolle neuss K07 Z05 Z42 Z51 Z52 and Z77. Club stations without a MF number may be counted as Joker stations for missing MF club stations. Sie bekommen viele Versicherer und Sondertarife zur Auswahl! At least one of the following club stations must be contacted: DL0WEI (X03 DK0TUI (X30 DF0TUI (X34 DA0HQ/DF0HQ (X34) or DL0RUD (X24). N41 QSO's count 3 points, N17, N23, N40 N53, N54 2 points. OV-X30, "Goethe Award PSF 100261, D-98682 Ilmenau, Germany.